About the project

The educational campaign "Hedgehog our animal" started in the end of 2015 in the region of Podlasie, Mazowieckie, Podkarpackie, Silesia and Lower Silesia. Supporting activities, information and promotion are run nationwide.
The aim of the project is to protect hedgehogs - a well-known and liked small mammal, currently threatened with extinction. Unfortunately, thousands of hedgehogs die under the wheels of cars under grass cutting machines, poisoned by chemicals used in gardens or in the fire of burning grass or branches. The most common cause of the tragedy is not bad will, but human ignorance and lack of  information.
Campaign focuses on educational activities in schools, affiliated with information campaign on the open-air mass events (eg. music festivals), and most importantly – 24-hour nationwide " Hedgehog ambulance" – expert telephone/ internet advices in cases of injured or sick hedgehog found by people.

The project leader and coordinator of the project  is Association for Sustainable Development "Agro-Group" from Białystok together with Polish expert partner Hedgehog Preservation Society "Our hedgehogs".

Regional partners are:
1. The Foundation for Sustainable Development, Wroclaw
2. Ecological Foundation ARKA Bielsko -Biała
3. The Association EKOSKOP, Rzeszow
4. RCEE Plock

The project was financed under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area Programme 2009-2014 PL02: Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.